Want to Learn how to #ExtendtheConversation without trolls with geo-authenticated civic consultation and crowdsourcing.

Forbes (2017/08/27):  Boosting Civic Trust (And Democracy) With A Location-Based Mapping Platform

Govtech News (2017/06/30): New Resident-Facing Platform Seeks Public Input, Minus the Trolls

** This website is currently being used as a mashup for some of ideas/projects currently underway.

Can Governance/engagement be more effective? …
…. if WE are better connected?

What if we could stay connected on topics of interest in our communities as well as all levels of government?


PlaceSpeak makes it possible to connect with people online because of where they live, work and play. It advances public consultation to a whole new level and enables evidence-based decision-making.

You only need to register once to be able to participate in any consultation topics of interest to you.


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Neighbourhoods connecting with PlaceSpeak
Public Consultations using PlaceSpeak

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Integrated Transportation Master Plan Consultation

Yellowknife Consultation Public Engagement

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