Public Consultation is a tool to assist public, private and non-profit organizations with their public engagement / consultation / crowdsourcing solutions.

CVRD at UBCM CVRD Receives Provincial Recognition for PlaceSpeak

Forbes (2017/08/27):  Boosting Civic Trust (And Democracy) With A Location-Based Mapping Platform

Govtech News (2017/06/30): New Resident-Facing Platform Seeks Public Input, Minus the Trolls

 2 minute video


Surrey School Superintendent Jordan Tinney
discussing how they authentically engage with the Public.



Engaging our communities in new ways.  PlaceSpeak makes it possible to connect with people online because of where they live, work and play. It advances public consultation to a whole new level and enables evidence-based decision-making.


Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada

  Open Data makes PlaceSpeak into a Consultation Utility. Automated Land Use Change Notifications is something of significant interest to property owners. This is one of the top 10 datasets requested by the public. Automated notifications based on where you live. Open data is key to systematizing flow of consultation topic notifications to citizen participants. See Victoria example

Proponent types cross-pollinate the more opportunities to engage creates a critical mass.


Citizen-centered network effect leads to critical mass of engaged participants

Examples for Saanich: Sources include media, municipality, community associations websites , and social media. The issues are not specific to the location on the map.



 Video shows growth of registered users building on a variety of consultations across municipalities and levels of government, non-profits and businesses.

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Build trust and demonstrate transparency.

From participating in public consultations to creating stronger neighbourhoods, PlaceSpeak empowers you to shape the community in which you want to live.

PlaceSpeak’s mission is to build legitimacy in online democratic practices by authenticating digital identity to place, protecting individual privacy, and closing the feedback loop between public consultation and accountability.
  Examples of Public Consultation Case Studies using PlaceSpeak