Victoria Communities

The crime maps on this example “art of the possible” sandbox page were developed in about 15-20 minutes as I learned.  The initial summary of what is available took about 20 minutes as well.  I have put this example in the Esquimalt Residents Association (ERA) WordPress website on a hidden page to show the flexibility of adding to existing community associations pages.

This overview showing the Esquimalt and Victoria Neighbourhoods is from the VicPD 2015 Annual report. We could make this hot so that clicking on a neighbourhood would go to the Neighbourhood page or the Neighbourhood window or … We could also go to window for Esquimalt or Victoria which I will explain further down.

Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board 2014 Annual Report

This and the next 4 windows shows the ability to look at different areas of the city of Victoria within an iframe.

Each window contains “agency” overview info, a map for a designated area, a report/list of incidents, and trends analysis. The info can also be shared with others, zoomed in/out, …

Incidents can be seen in more detail as well as linked to anonymous tip submission to CrimeStoppers.

The last window shows the ability to show just the info within a defined shape files such as: neighbourhood, community, community liaison area, municipality (Victoria or Esquimalt), etc.

You will initially by default see Agency and Incident tabs at top of window. We can set the default of what is seen initially such as 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 days, and also the incident types

At the bottom of window click on the map icon (1st tab) Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.12.49 AM , list (2nd tab) or trends (3rd tab) to see the default information.

When in list view, optional click on incidents to see a report of the incidents in the current view.

Once you have tried each of the first 4 windows, then scroll down to Harris County window highlighted in red.

James Bay area

Fairfield area

Gonzales area


Harris County Texas – Highland Knolls

In this window, we first see that we can size the window. We then see that on the agency page we can see more info such as relevant tweets.

Then when we click on the map tab, we see that we can just display the info for a selected shape file. This could be a municipality, neighbourhood, etc.  as you see, the data on the screen inlacing the trends and report are just for the info in the shape file.

This can provide reports for city council, police board, community associations, etc.

As we progress, this could potentially also be used by Block Watch captains to have a window for their street and surrounding area.

example 1 – neighbourhood

example 2